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©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
I've been a busy little bee lately, and I'm so excited to share with you some of my new discoveries and projects - plus May's free wallpaper download, of course!

First off, let me say I've been pushing myself to "break out of the box" a little bit when it comes to technique and style. I'm pretty limited with my daily lifestyle to working digitally, so I'm happily embracing that realization, and taking some time to focus in that area. I've found some wonderful new brushes that I'm thoroughly enjoying, and it has reshaped the way I go about applying color. I'm loving the new texture that happens - it's like something finally clicked!

Secondly, I've discovered a wonderful app called STELLER. It allows you to put together visual stories, or "mini books" and publish them online. There are several beautifully designed themes for your stories that I believe would compliment just about any photography. It's going to be a goal of mine to create themed books based off my drawings. It just shows them off so elegantly!

Lastly, I've partnered up with my dear friend, Jamila Randall, who is an extremely talented writer, designer and motivational speaker. She's passionate about humanity, women's rights and cultural issues. She's asked me to create a series of drawings highlighting the women of Southern India, which we're calling "The Dravidian Collection." There will be more details on this coming soon, and ways to purchase the final products. Stay tuned!

©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project

Download May's Wallpaper 
You can also grab March's wallpaper download without the calendar so you can enjoy all year!

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