Weekly Recap | 8.03

I have been on a ROLL this week! I sometimes find I have ALL these wonderful sketches stocked away, just waiting for me to bring life into them, and once I get started I love being surprised by what magically happens at the end. I'm always fascinated by how other artists work: some tend to doodle on every blank surface that comes in contact with their hands, others have a vision that they recreate meticulously on paper (Ahem - neither of these are even close to me at all, ever... although I wish I had these skills) AND others (like me) just wing-it/go-with-the-flow, whatever you want to call it (A.K.A have no plan) and wait to see what happens when it's done. But I like it! Anyways, back on track, let's take a look at what I've been up to this week:

So, this was a happy accident! I normally crop out "non-sketch" stuff but the pencil and pen just looked too cool to take out, am I right! If I ever sell this one I'm not sure if I'll take it out or not? Thoughts?
{Hat Is The New Black} : ©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
{On Point Shoes} : ©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
These shoes where WAY too cool not to sketch this week. Inspired by the fashion Instagram feed of @shalicenoel. She has 4 kids and somehow still manages to stay on top of her looks! I'm impressed - I need her secrets!
{Look My Way} : ©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
This sketch was almost a no-go. The paper is horrible and makes everything sort of bleed. But, I decided to give it a shot and really liked the outcome. As far as the paper - it's still a no-go.

©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
I don't know what happened to my "green thumb" this year but it died, along with the whole garden. So, I collected as many herbs as I could and dried them to save what little bit of pride I had left. On a better note, I now have enough Italian spices to last all year! Pizza anyone?
©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
I still LOVE quick little warm-up sketches in my favorite tiny Paperblanks® sketchbook. It's the quirkiness of these little ladies that keep me coming back for more dreamy, drawing time.

{Magnolia Studies} : ©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project
And lastly, I'm excited to help out a good friend and popular DIY Style blogger on a huge makeover for her blog. I'm gearing up for some beautiful illustrations, but for now, I'm doing some studying before diving in.

That's it for this week! See you next time!


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