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©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project

Happy June! It's going to be a good month, I can feel it! It's the start of summer, and it's H.O.T. in Alabama already! This Northerner can't take it. I'm breaking out the lightest, airiest clothes I own, soaking up the sun's rays with my baby, and looking forward to a long vacation in a few weeks. The best part of this month is not only my birthday (whoo hoo!) but a three year long family project is FINALLY coming to an end. If you don't know already, my husband has been building an RV-10, 4-seater airplane for a little over 3 years now - and it will be done THIS MONTH! These past few weeks have been stressful and intense, juggling time between home and the airport, and constantly catching up on chores that have been pushed aside. But, the reward in the end will be AHHH-MAZING! Look out July- let the jet-setting begin! I'll be off on new adventures full of inspiration and, hopefully, lots more free time to enjoy sketching. With that, I leave you with a fun little wallpaper for the month of June. Enjoy!

©2015 Jessica Twilbeck | The Pen & Ink Project

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Since March seems to be a popular one, you can grab March's wallpaper download without the calendar so you can enjoy all year!

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