Surprisingly, not surprised...

There are so many times when I have a drawing in my sketchbook where I think "What in the world am I'm going to do with this one... I'm not even sure I like it!" But, I made a vow to use all my drawings with an honest attempt to create something with each one. I have to say, the last one in this series was "that one" which I wasn't so thrilled to work on. It's not that I disliked it or thought it was bad - it was just... meh. But, surprisingly, as I dove in I began to like it, dare say - even love this one! I think it's my favorite this go around. But honestly - I'm not surprised. Every one seems to work itself out in the end.

I tried so many color combinations on this one but they all seemed wrong.
So, a simple pink/sage tone made the most sense. Sometimes less is more.


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